Club of Budapest

Tom has been awarded a lifelong seat as a creative member in the Club of Budapest together with Heads of State like Mikhail Gorbachev, Nobel Laureates including Elie Wiesel, Betty Williams, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, and world-renowned artists like film-maker Milos Forman, musician Peter Gabriel, and Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Synergos Institute

Tom Oliver was awarded the title of “Best practices & innovations in individual philanthropy and social investment around the world” in 2011 by the Synergos Institute, New York, which was founded by the Rockefeller family and also presents the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award (past recipients include Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, Richard Branson).

The Global Philanthropists Circle

Tom is dedicated to the concept that business is a catalyst for global social change. Following a personal invitation by the Rockefeller family, Tom became a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle, which has been termed “The most elite club in the world” by Bloomberg/Business Week and includes the leading philanthropists of our time.

National Education Society of India

The award-winning National Education Society of India awarded Tom the “World Peace Prize” after successful completion of the biggest World Peace Congress for and by students, with over 10.000 students from over 10 countries, members of Parliament and Bollywood actors coming together in Mumbai, India. The milestone event was co-organized and sponsored by Tom´s World Peace Foundation.